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When you read a book on a new topic, you start on page 1. That’s what our Basics programs are: page 1.

We offer the Basics in two forms: Hatha Basics and Flow Basics.

Meet Gina! → She teaches both the Hatha and Flow programs.

Read on to find out more about each…

Hatha Basics

Our comprehensive, fully immersive 8-week experience that will not only teach you yoga, but help you make it a regular part of your life.

For six weeks on Monday nights, you will be given the foundations for your Hatha Yoga practice — alignment, breath, awareness, and a vocabulary of poses you can take with you anywhere.

This is followed immediately by a special two week unlimited pass during which you may taste as many classes and teachers as you like off our regular class schedule.

The benefits of Yoga are gained through consistency — with 8 weeks of Hatha Basics, you will build a habit and begin or deepen your relationship with a life-long practice. Your body, heart and mind will thank you!

Hatha Basics is for you if:

  • You’ve never done yoga before
  • You are coming back to yoga after a break
  • You want to get the basics of alignment before going to regular classes
  • You have questions that don’t get answered in regular classes
  • You like going through a program on the same night each week with the same people

Class size is limited to 16 and usually sells out, so register now. “This is the place I learned that yoga is for everyone.” IAY Student

Hatha Basics Package
6 weekly Basics classes
2 week unlimited class pass
Lavender Eye Pillow

Hatha Basics Package is $120;
combine with our Flow Yoga Basics (below) for $175.
Email to get the combo.

Ready to explore yoga in a safe and supportive environment? Ready to learn about yoga starting on page 1? Yes, sign me up for the next Hatha Basics Series! *

Flow Basics

Flow Basics is a four-week breakdown of the fluid movements of a vinyasa class.

  • Have you ever felt behind in a vinyasa class?
  • Have you ever wanted more information about those transitions between poses?
  • Learn how to make friends with a flow class by adding/omitting pieces that do/don’t work for you. Make it personal with Flow Basics.

This is a great stepping stone if you’ve done Hatha Basics, if you want to add flow classes into your practice, or if you love flow and want to geek out on the beautiful nuances.

No flow experience necessary — all levels welcome.

Flow Basics Package
4 weekly classes
1 week unlimited pass
IAY Tote

Flow Basics is $80;
combine with our Hatha Basics (above) for $175.
Email to get the combo.

Ready to figure out flow in a safe and supportive environment? Yes, sign me up for the next Flow Basics Series!

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