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    TODAY ONLY: sale

    Happy Birthday

    4,380 days ago, It’s All Yoga opened her doors at 2106 11th Avenue. Three years later, having outgrown the space (and in search of better parking), we moved to our current location on 21st Street.

    Today, It’s All Yoga turns 12.

    Isn’t 12 a great number?

    It’s divisible by 2, 3, 4 and 6 (it’s a superior highly composite number). It is used in measurements of length, units of time and calendar year. The human body has 12 cranial nerves. The Western and Chinese zodiac both have 12 signs. The sun god Surya has 12 names. And Anahata, the heart chakra, has 12 petals.

    We should celebrate! With a sale!!

    TODAY ONLY, you can get 12 classes for $12 each.
    (For comparison, our best class card option is 10 classes for $150; $15 each.)

    12th Birthday Class Card
    12 classes for $12 each ($144)
    Good for 6 months from date of activation (the first time you use it)
    Get it here, today only — no exceptions

    We wouldn’t, couldn’t be here without you. And whether you came in once or you’re here every day, we are happy to know you and grateful for the opportunity to practice this life-saving thing called Yoga together.

    Michelle and the IAY family

    Fact source: Wikipedia

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