PRANAYAMA :: Feeling the Breath

Pranayama ::

Feeling the Breath

October 19-November 30, 2017
Thursdays 6-7 pm; $139
with Michelle Marlahan

Often translated as “breath control,” we like to approach pranayama as freeing the breath.

There are so many subconscious layers of holding and effort in the breath, most bodies barely know what a natural, unrestricted, free breath feels like.

Through habits formed from childhood sports, dance, ideas about posture, even trauma, our breath is often anything but free.

So before we jump into the fancy ways we can manipulate the breath – which can alter our physiology, mental state and emotional tone – we will spend time learning to watch and listen, be gentle and patient.

Only then can we be receptive to the pure power and elevation of the other breath techniques used often in yoga classes.

In this module, you will:

  • understand the anatomy of breathing
  • explore what freeing the breath feels like
  • learn about how the breath adapts depending on the activity
  • explore some of the fascinating and powerful yogic breath practices
  • learn to avoid the pitfalls that are common when doing “pranayama” in a class setting

This breath, this thread of life that moves through you without your effort or even awareness, is your sacred essence. Come meet your “life force” – you will leave this module with more intimacy with and respect for this very breath.

This module includes:

  • six weeks of freedom in the breath, leading to specific yogic breath practices
  • a personal daily craft journal

Enter the breath here.