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Home Practice

January 19–February 16, 2017
Thursdays 6-7:30 pm; $129
with Gina Langbehn

Have you ever wished you had a fulfilling home practice? Or have you taken a trip and backtracked in your strength or flexibility because you didn’t keep your practice up while traveling?

In this first module, we will cover all the elements of home practice, including the practicalities of setting up a space in the house that inspires the practice.

You’ll also get tips from each of our teachers on what keeps them motivated, what “home practice” looks like (you might be surprised!), and how it changes depending on time of year and circumstances like travel, out of town guests or a hectic schedule.

In this 5-week module, you will:

  • set up a space that inspires your practice (even if you have only a corner)
  • learn tips for staying motivated and consistent at home
  • get 3 home practice videos of varying lengths
  • learn how to incorporate home practice into the life you live
  • keep your body happy and healthy even when you can’t make it to class
  • receive a home practice journal

Integrating Yoga into your every day will enhance your class practices, keep aches and pains at bay and give you a moment of solace in any storm.

Join Gina for five weeks of setting your home practice up for success.

This module includes:

  • five weeks of setting up your home practice for success
  • a daily craft personal journal
  • a lavender eye pillow

All levels of experience are welcome. Register here.