The Daily Craft

Welcome to the daily craft

daily ::
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every day, life-long, the long view
an activity involving skill in making things by hand
a thing that carries you, a vessel
something you make as well as the act of making

Life is what you make it. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

  • The daily craft is a program that allows you to craft your life through consistent practice.
  • It’s a year-long program made up of 8 modules.
  • A program designed to carry you through the challenging times.
  • It’s a weekly check in with yourself outside of the hurried pace of life.
  • A tether to community and like-minded people.
  • A toolkit for staying physically healthy, mentally stable and living in line with your values.
  • A system that builds consistency and accountability into your practice.
  • A practice of long cuts – the opposite of short cuts and quick fixes.
  • You can sign up for the year or take modules by topic.

Take the daily experience step-by-step