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the impatience of august: 5 ways to come back

Do you ever feel a little impatient this time of year?
Whether you are simply weary of the heat, counting the days until school starts, planning that last-minute road trip to squeeze out the last bits of summer, August can be a time of hammock-induced anxiety. Squirrel wisdom Most of us suffer from that pesky Western desire to get somewhere. Maybe that’s why the theme for August at It’s All Yoga is Patience. Full disclosure: if you asked my family about my relationship to patience, they would probably roll their eyes and chuckle. But it is a practice, I say, a practice! In that spirit, I give you… Five ways to practice patience in August!
  1. Stay – Wherever you are, stay there.
Here’s an example: If you are in that long, slow line at the grocery store, don’t scamper on over to the shorter one just to save two minutes. And that slow lane in traffic? Cool your jets…literally. See what it might feel like to stay.
  1. Create Something – Draw, write, build a deck, make some jewelry, prepare a meal from scratch, plant a garden.
When we are creating, things like mistakes and wrong turns are just part of the process. Patience comes in handy here. Creativity also gives us space to tinker, to ponder, to slow the heck down…no matter what the outcome.
  1. Chew Your Food – Okay, I’ll admit it. This is my number one patience practice.
I don’t know what it is. My jaw is a sprinter, not an endurance runner. But I’m learning. We could practice this one together. We could call it the “30 Chews Per Bite Club.” Who knows, we might even taste our food, really taste it. If nothing else, our intestines will thank us for all the mindful chewing.
  1. Listen – Most people just want to be heard.
True listening takes loads of patience. To practice the great art of listening, consider asking a friend to lunch (maybe someone who is going through a rough patch), and practice your nodding skills.
  1. Meditate – You didn’t think I was going to forget that one, did you?
Meditate while sitting, walking, or doing the dishes. Notice your breath. What does your body feel like? What are your habitual thought patterns? What emotions or judgments arise? Pay attention. Just a few minutes a day can create miracles. Which brings me to the real gift of practicing patience: Presence. When I slow down long enough to be present to my own life, it’s kind of amazing. I realize that I manufactured about ten of the things on my “to do” list just so I have something to look forward to. What’s all this about the next big thing anyway? The big thing is right here, right now. With love, Holly