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you are invited to celebrate

April is National Poetry Month. 

Before you say that you’re not a poet or poetry isn’t your thing, so you have nothing to celebrate, consider this — maybe you didn’t think yoga would be for you before you tried it. Before you fall in love with someone or something, there’s no way to know what impact it will have on your life.

Poems are like that.

In honor of National Poetry Month, Holly has put together several ways to explore poems and their power. So before you write it off, read on…

Communal pondering. This is how poet, Marilyn Nelson, describes what happens when we come together to listen to others read poetry out loud.

Yoga, like poetry, is a form of communal pondering. We ponder, we get curious about the activity of the mind, the sensations in the body, and the feelings that arise during practice.

At It’s All Yoga, you’ll often hear poetry read by our teachers to take you deeper into the inquiry. You might have heard poems by Mary Oliver, Jane Hirschfield, Ellen Bass, David Whyte, Billy Collins, and so many more. Our teachers love poetry!

Our community’s deep connection to poetry inspired me to find ways to bring the celebration of National Poetry Month in April to It’s All Yoga. 

We’re calling it Yogetry Month!

First, many of our teachers graciously offered to read their favorite poem on video, so that you can listen to their voices anytime to inspire, perhaps, a little home yoga practice? We will be sharing those throughout the month on Facebook, so stay tuned.

Also, look for little poetry mementos around the studio all month. We have free gifts as well as opportunities for YOU to share your love of poetry with our community.

Listen to a Poemdavid wagoner poem

As you know, many IAY teachers love and rely on poems as part of their practices. In celebration of the month, you can hear them read their favorite poems. Videos will be released throughout the month.

Read Your Favorite Poem

Friday, April 21, from 12:00 – 2:00 PM

We want to hear your voices, too! Read your favorite poem of hope or comfort. Jeanne and I will facilitate the recording of poems, so please RSVP by Wednesday, April 19 to get your time scheduled.

Write an Acrostic Poem

All month at the studio.

Look for half sheets of paper with a simple prompt to inspire your own poem. Hand them into your teacher, and we’ll post poems on the bulletin board in the foyer.

 Free Gifts

Keep an eye out at the studio for surprises and treats in celebration of poetry. (The presents will go nicely with the upcoming Wisdom Pages Book Club as well!)

I am so grateful for the opportunity to communally ponder with you every week in class, and look forward to sharing our love of poetry for the entire month of April. Let’s practice Yogetry together!

With love and support,