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meditation fail

I’m bad at meditation. 
I can’t meditate — my mind goes crazy.
The volume in my head gets turned up when it gets quiet.
I can’t stop the thoughts.
I can’t sit still.

Does any of that sound familiar? Maybe out of your own mouth?

How about reframing it? Let’s flip that reactive dismissal like a pancake.

What if we called it:

  • Noticing
  • Paying attention
  • Mindfulness
  • Being aware of your life
  • Being awake
  • Listening
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Tuning (like an instrument)
  • Sitting down
  • Pausing

Don’t those feel a little more inviting? A little less intimidating? 

Here’s the thing: There is no “winning” at meditation. Which means you can’t fail at it.

You aren’t supposed to stop the thoughts. You probably won’t feel blissed out and peaceful, at least not in the beginning. 

You might actually feel itchy, restless, irritated, bored and/or a little bit crazy.

So why do it?!? 

Well, it may feel that way at first, but this is brain-training and it DOES get “easier” and more calming.

Besides that, reasons and research abound supporting the benefits of this practice. In order for something to stick, often we have to get to the place of desire (or at least curiosity) for ourselves.

If you are there — or you’re just tired of hearing that it’s good for you — this is the week to test it out.

The in-studio Mindfulness Meditation module starts Thursday at 6 pm — there are a few spots left.

The Virtual Meditation Challenge also starts Thursday and is the perfect blend of accountability of flexibility.

Jump in. Take it off your “someday” list and give it a go.

Come sit with us,
Michelle, Jeanne and Ellen

PS – what’s your favorite word replacement for “meditation?”