New to Yoga? Start here.

Yoga is a practice with both physical, mental and emotional benefits. You might want to be stronger and more flexible, focused and clear, calm and content.

It’s All Yoga is one of the first yoga studios in Sacramento, and our approach is to focus on the individual. As a new student, we want you to feel at ease and at home. Everyone started as a new student, and no matter how flexible or inflexible, how young or old, how experienced or inexperienced you may be, you can practice yoga. It's All Yoga teachers holding YOGA sign

No matter what your goals are with yoga, we’ve got something for you.

Yoga styles are kind of like types of music – there’s jazz and country and opera all under the umbrella of music. There are some specific lineages of Yoga and many modern day teachers are trademarking their particular flavor, but it’s all Yoga.

This studio was born out of a dream to have a space where people can be themselves and open to their own experience without apology or expectation. It has become a hub of community and friendship.

There is no one-size-fits-all when we’re talking about the body. Our certified teachers have diverse backgrounds and interests, and with over 100 years of teaching experience collectively, are adept at making the poses accessible and safe for any body.

As a newbie, you’re not supposed to know how to do it yet.  We teach true yoga for beginners — we won’t have you doing acrobatics in your first yoga class! Our beginner classes are just that – appropriate for someone who has never done yoga.

There are a few ways to start — with two programs for beginners, or in any beginner class.

Yoga Basics Alicia Patrice in Half Moon Pose

Because when you read a book on a new topic, you start on page 1. That’s what our Basics programs are: page 1.

We offer the Basics in two forms: Hatha Basics and Flow Basics.

Hatha Basics is our comprehensive, fully immersive 8-week experience that will not only teach you yoga, but help you make it a regular part of your life.

The package includes the 6-week Hatha Basics series, Monday nights at 7:30, during which time you will be given the foundations of your yoga practice – alignment, breath awareness, and a vocabulary of poses you can take with you anywhere.

This is followed immediately by a special, basics-students-only 2 week unlimited class pass during which you may sample as many classes as you like from our yoga class “playlist”!

Throw in our very lavender eye pillow (by far the most sought after item in our retail roster) and you have a deal that cannot be beat.

This series is a constant sell out at $120. Click here for more information on Hatha Basics.

Our Flow Basics is your gateway into vinyasa style classes, where the movement is coordinated with each breath. Where Hatha is mainly one pose at a time, Flow is a blending of movements that can accentuate the meditative quality.

In Flow, you’ll receive 4 week of expert and personalized instruction on the nuances of vinyasa (and how to manage those tricky transitions), followed by a special 1-week unlimited pass for all classes on the regular schedule. Flow Basics takes place on Monday nights at 7:30 pm.

Flow Basics is a natural stepping stone after Hatha Basics or can be taken alone.

This series comes with a handy IAY tote and is a slim $80. Read more about Flow Basics here.

On-Going Beginner Yoga Classes It's All Yoga teachers in balance pose

If Thursdays don’t work for you. Or you want to take a regular class first to see what it’s like, great!

Come check out a month of unlimited classes with our 30 days for $39 new student offer.

The level “1-2” indicates yoga classes for beginners — totally appropriate even if you’ve never done yoga before. Read all of the class descriptions and check out the class schedule.

You are welcome to pop in without a reservation – just arrive 10 or so minutes early and the person at the desk will get you settled and show you around.

(Curious what coming to a yoga class is like? Here’s a step by step walk through!)