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    IAY is changing hands

    I have rewritten this letter a half a dozen times.

    As someone who loves to write and usually has a lot to say, I am surprisingly unsure of how to – and how much to – talk about the how and why of my decision to sell It’s All Yoga.

    If you are newer to the studio, it’s likely we haven’t met and this news doesn’t have an emotional pull to it. You might simply want to know that the schedule, teachers, space and pricing are all going to stay the same.

    If you’ve been coming to the studio for awhile, maybe even a long long time, this change might land in your heart with surprise or even sadness.

    You probably know that my life has taken many twists and turns, as a life does, in these past 12 years. The past two and a half years have been particularly hard with the devastation of losing a child and the challenges of moving twice.

    The shape of my life has been changed by these experiences, like flowing water shapes rock, and even though it makes no sense to my brain, my heart has been nudging me out of the “studio owner” role for a few years.

    All things in their time and the way this changing of hands has opened feels perfectly orchestrated.

    You might already know Kaci Florez; she has taught Qoya workshops at the studio for the past few years and has been in more classes lately.

    You will learn for yourself, but I can tell you that she is a woman of integrity. In these past few months of discussions and negotiations, I’ve learned even more about her generosity, savvy and faith. She is a remarkable person.

    Which is the only way I would hand over my “baby!” If I didn’t completely trust her and believe in her ability to not only support and sustain, but also GROW the uniqueness of IAY, I wouldn’t do it. Just know that she is hand picked for the role.

    So that you can meet Kaci and hear us talk a little about this change, we made three short videos for you, Q & A style. In them we talk about why IAY is special, what to expect in this change, and why it is so meaningful to us. (See below.)

    The most important thing to us is the continuity of your practice. As I said in one video, your standards are high. The quality of teaching, customer service and over-all experience at the studio will absolutely remain stellar.

    The schedule, teachers, administrative support, pricing and space will remain the same. Day-to-day, not much will change. I’ll still be teaching and you may actually see me around more as we navigate the hand off.

    Kaci will be reaching out this week and you’ll see her at the studio checking in classes. She is excited to meet you.

    Please join me in welcoming Kaci with open arms. We are fortunate to have her vision and guidance as we enter this new chapter together.

    Check out our 3 short Q&A videos below.

    And stay in touch!  I’m at the studio on Sunday mornings, for workshops or email me anytime. You can also sign up for updates on what I’m doing next.


    With more love and gratitude than I can put into words,

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