Do I need experience to practice at It’s All Yoga? Nope! Yoga is for everyone, not just those who are already fit, flexible or familiar with the practice. At It’s All Yoga, we encourage you to approach Yoga with an open mind and heart. We think you’ll find that the physical poses are just the beginning of how yoga can lead to increased health and wellness in your body and mind.

What are the benefits of Yoga? There are many documented benefits of yoga! Most obviously, increased flexibility and strength, which are both important for healthy and comfortable longevity in our bodies. Joints and bone (and bone density) health are improved with yoga. It also helps lower the “feel bad” hormones and increase the “feel good” ones. It can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It can help with arthritis, autoimmune diseases and chronic pain. And it has been proved to boost immunity. It can help maintain a healthy weight, but perhaps more importantly, can teach you to accept yourself no matter what your shape or weight.

Can I still run / do other exercise if I practice Yoga? Yes! It’s great to compliment a yoga practice with other forms of exercise. While some practices are more one-directional or use muscles in a certain way over and over (running, weight lifting, golf, cycling), Yoga poses take the body through many movements and ranges of motion, as well as offer a brilliant combination of muscle strengthening and release.

I’m too ______. Can I do yoga? You can’t be too anything to do yoga. There are no pre-requisites, no requirements. There’s no person who cannot do Yoga. (Check out the 13 Things We Believe.)

I suffer from a _________ injury. Can I do yoga? If you are under a doctor’s care, it’s best to get an ok to get back to physical activities. We do have classes that are adaptable and therapeutic — contact us and we can help you pick the most appropriate class.

Is yoga a religion or exercise? What is yoga? Yoga is not a religion. There is a philosophical side to the practice which includes guidelines (for example, kindness, contentment and honesty) that we can use in the poses as well as life.

Yoga is more than exercise. The physical practice is one aspect of what Yoga is. Other aspects include the philosophical guidelines, meditation and breath awareness. In this way, Yoga becomes a practice for your whole being, not just your body. That’s partly why studies have found such profound effects on the mind, concentration, depression and anxiety.

Yoga is kind of undefinable, but we might define it as The Art of Wonder. It’s said that yoga is to be experienced, and we’d love to hear how you related to it in your life!

How early should I arrive? Please arrive about 10 minutes early for your first class. From then on, 5-10 minutes early is fine.

How many people are generally in a class? While some classes are larger and some smaller, our average size is 12-15.

What if I left something at the studio? There’s a basket in the back with lost and found items. If we find jewelry, a credit card, or something else that is valuable, we will tuck it in the desk cabinet. We generally keep things for a month or so before unclaimed items are donated.

What if I’m late to class – can I still come? Even if you’re a mad hatter, come! Traffic, work, kids…things come up. If you’re running up to 10 minutes late, come to class.

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