what to bring and wear

We have everything yoga-related at the studio for you to borrow. There are lots of different types of yoga props as you can see from the photo – they can make a pose easier, but they can also accentuate or make it deeper.

Some classes use more props than others. Whatever class you’re in, we’ll let you know what to get and what to do with it.

If you have a mat, feel free to bring it, but we truly have everything you’ll need. Even water and tea.

Wondering what to wear to yoga?

The good news is it doesn’t have to be specific yoga clothing — just something comfortable you can move around in. Cotton or stretchy athletic pants or tights, and anything from a tank top to a t-shirt will work. Make sure the top doesn’t gape or get in your way. Some people like to wear longer and more fitted tops so they don’t slide up your torso in poses like downward facing dog.

The most important thing to be comfortable. The array of props we have to borrow at It's All Yoga Michelle Marlahan uses blocks in Pyramid Pose Bella Dreizler and Jeanne Halvorson use rollers and straps to release the muscles of the legs and spine. Linda Roye uses a chair in Triangle Pose

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