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We offer many styles of classes at It's All YogaOur classes reflect the personalities, special interests and education of our teachers and passion we have for this practice of health and wholeness.

We also have different levels of classes so you can find something that suits your needs on any given day.

You do not need to pre-register for class, but you can if it helps you set a schedule for yourself. From the internet schedule–called MindBodyOnline–create a login at the top right corner to purchase a card or sign up for class.

Class Levels

We structure our classes by level numerically 1-4: 1 = the most basic/gentle, 4 = spicy and intermediate. You’ll see on the class schedule that the class names have numbers by them.

Level 1: Develop body awareness, learn basic poses, and discover your natural breath. A great class for stress relief and rejuvenation. Perfect for beginners or anyone wanting a more gentle practice.

Level 1-2: The perfect class for first-timers, though non-beginners get a lot out of these classes as well. Same theory as Level 1 with a baby-step beyond. More detail, mindfulness and deepening of the poses. Easily adaptable to meet your physical and energetic needs.

Level 1-3: Building on Levels 1 and 2 with more emphasis on strength, stamina, and mindfulness. Great for beginners looking for more options in a pose, and on-going students who want to deepen the practice. Modifications offered to meet your needs. Assisted handstand

Level 2-3: Great for on-going students looking for a more physical class. Introduces more flow and intermediate poses, building strength and stamina.

Level 2-4: For students interested in a more challenging class. We explore poses like arm balances, backbends, and inversions in a safe and supported way. We build the poses gradually and you are never forced to try something you aren’t ready for.

All levels (unlabeled classes): Practitioners of all levels are welcome and benefit from this class.

Class Descriptions

Community Class (free/donation optional)
Free class with one of our IAY teachers or trainees! Teacher rotates weekly. A portion of proceeds from our donation and community classes benefit a different local animal care organization each month. Thank you for contributing and helping to change the world through practice AND your dollar!

Core and More
Safely strengthen core support and other large muscle groups to correct poor posture habits, find stability in your body and a feeling of supple power.

Flow and Reflect
Flow with breath and movement to build strength and stamina, exploring connections between poses while listening to your own beautiful rhythm. Exploration of options to more intermediate poses. Class includes book-end reflection with simple meditation.

Gentle Yoga
A semi-active practice with a more restorative focus. Perfect for those days you need to slow down, calm your mind and open your heart.

Hatha: Union of Ease and Effort
Hatha is translated as willful or forceful, which represents the physical movement of the body into various postures that activate the energy channels, fluids, muscles, bones and tissues of the body. Hatha is also translated as Ha “Sun” and Tha “Moon”. The sun symbolizes the light, hot, active and masculine energies, while the moon symbolizes the dark, cold, receptive, and feminine energies. This class will work the equal and opposing aspects of ourselves, to create a sense of integration and equanimity at the center of our being. This class will move at a comfortable pace with an emphasis on breath coordination with the physical shape and sensation in the body.

Integrative Flow
The connective thread running through this meditative, flow practice is the integration of different levels of awareness ranging from structural/physical to subtle/energetic. Everyone is facilitated via refined cueing in finding their own “best” expression of each posture/transition through a continuous attunement that builds somatic and energetic self-awareness. The rich potential for intensity and edge-playing is balanced with emphasis on self-care.

Body Therapy
There are beasts lying dormant in the body – neck, back, shoulders, hips, feet – yearning for our attention. Join us each week to explore how to become our own best body worker, using rollers and balls to deeply massage the troubled areas. Fluid stretching and quiet yin shapes complement the massage creating more ease of movement, flexibility – and tamed beasts, of course.
Students in Extended Side Angle Pose

Precision and Play
The perfect combination of structure and freedom. We explore specific alignment ideas in a way that gives you a toolkit for personalizing your poses. The physical practice is supported by the philosophy of yoga, humor and curiosity. Students often say they leave with a nugget they can chew on for days.

Purifying Flow
A rhythmic & devotional flow practice where you can explore more “advanced” poses. The deeply physical experience is supported by the wisdom of Yogic philosophy which teaches us the skill of discipline, the importance of honesty, and ultimately, the necessity of surrender.

The Perfect Start
Get up on the right side of bed. Begin your day with alignment-based asana, breathwork, relaxation and meditation. Some classes incorporate vinyasa flow–sequencing breath and movement. Experience yourself!

TLC Tuesday
A full-service self care experience. Practice will pull from quieter modalities including gentle movement, restorative poses and yin. Extra special touches like warm or cool stones, essential oil aromatherapy and chai and baked treats make this a practice of whole-body healing. Everyone is welcome.

Undo & RenewThree women in supported reclined butterfly pose at It's All Yoga (Supta Baddha Konansana)
A super gentle class that provides an opportunity for profound relaxation and healing. Poses are typically held for 5-20 minutes in a fully supported and nurturing way using several props. Great for those looking to relax, renew, restore and heal. Those with injuries and other physical limitations are welcome to join this practice. That feeling right after a good savasana? That’s the feeling of the whole class. Come and experience it for yourself!

Yoga Fundamentals
This class emphasizes precise attention, subtle alignment, and conscious breath. The simplicity and accessibility of our practice can be deceptive – students often report not knowing how deeply they were working until the next day! The fundamentals of the physical poses are supplemented with the philosophy and energetic principles of yoga.

Everything we do in class arises from and returns to the ground of kindness, honesty, and letting go. Come on in!!

We have classes seven days a week. Check out the class schedule to pick your class time, then come in for unlimited yoga for a month for $39!

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