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    come as you are

    Dearest yogi-friends,

    As we move forward with the uncomfortable unknowns that lie ahead, our own personal care and body-mind practice will be more important than ever.

    Obviously you love yoga and know the benefit of it. So specifically, how can yoga help now?

    It can strengthen and refine the physical body so that we can do the work that needs to be done.

    We will sleep better so we are rested and clear.

    We feel our roots in the earth, our place here, a steadiness and connection.

    We have a place to go for unconditional community and support.

    It reminds us of what is important and shows us how to move forward with purpose.

    It asks us again and again to be with what is, which is the most powerful place from which to make decisions.

    It reveals the interrelated and impermanent nature of everything.

    I spell these things out because I need to hear them myself. It would be easy to stay under the covers or turn on Netflix and pretend to escape it all, or spiral in reactive emotion without focus or direction (not that taking a break from the intensity isn’t good).

    As Buddhist teacher Zenju Earthlyn Manuel put it: Now is the time we have been practicing for.

    So I know I need to keep practicing, sit and let the quiet give way to clarity on the things I can affect, care for my body in basic ways, and stay connected to community.

    There are workshops this weekend, our full schedule of daily classes, a donation community class Fridays at 4:30 pm and a kirtan next week.

    When you need a safe haven, respite, love and a deposit in your personal faith account, come. Come as you are.

    Michelle and your IAY Family

    ps  This is a great article on not biting the hook. If you have resources or support systems that you’d like to share, please do.

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