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    announcing a new program

    the daily craft

    daily :: every day, life-long, the long view

    craft :: an activity involving skill in making things by hand
    …………a thing that carries you, a vessel …………
    something you make as well as the act of making

    The seedling of It’s All Yoga was planted over 11 years ago, and has since grown into its own beautiful ecosystem.  

    Through the years we have offered many trainings and programs – some by request and some from our own yearnings.  

    One thing you’ve made clear again and again – this is big work and you want support, accountability and community in which to do it.  

    In talking to hundreds of people over these years, over and over I get asked for: support, more education, deepened understanding, accountability, and community.  

    You have asked for something like teacher training that doesn’t have to do with teaching.
    You have asked for programs that help you take Yoga into your life.
    You have asked for offerings that help you better understand the nuances of practice.
    You have asked for long-term commitment and accountability.
    You have asked for a broader range of topics to help support the twists and turns of life.
    The daily craft is a program designed in response to those requests and conversations. It’s a program that allows you to craft your practice to meet the needs of your life. In this way, you craft your life. 

    Life is what you make it. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

    Yoga is a practice of self-reliance, self-examination and self-development. It’s a rebellious and revolutionary approach that we do both individually and together.  

    We do it because we want to grow and learn and evolve as human beings. We want practical support for the things life throws our way.   We do it together because we need each other’s support, encouragement and celebration.

    the daily craft is…

    • A year-long program made up of eight modules on topics like Home Practice, Philosophy, Meditation and Nutrition.
    • A program designed to carry you through the challenging times.
    • A weekly check in with yourself outside of the hurried pace of life.
    • A tether to community and like-minded people.
    • A toolkit for staying physically healthy, mentally stable and living in line with your values.
    • A system that builds consistency and accountability into your practice.
    • A practice of long cuts – the opposite of short cuts and quick fixes.

    It’s a practice, not a perfect.  

    It’s practical in the ways of physiology, body mechanics, general health and overall well-being.  

    You can sign up for the yearlong program or take modules by topic.  

    Each one comes with bonuses, personalized instruction and is offered by a teacher with specialized training and skill in their topic.  

    Check out the daily craft website. Look around at the modules, and ask questions if you have them.

    And if anything speaks to you, sign up early as we’ve limited space for maximum attention and participation.  

    This program was crafted with great love and we are excited to share it with you.  

    Michelle and the IAY family

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